Denbury Resources CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery & CO2 Storage

This video illustrates how Denbury Resources Inc. is using CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2 EOR) to increase domestic oil production here in the U.S. Our CO2 operations and CO2 pipeline infrastructure also provide a promising method to safely sequester industrial CO2 emissions. To learn more about Denbury's CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery operations and our CO2 strategy, please visit www. Denbury Resources Inc. (NYSE: DNR) is a growing independent oil and gas company. The Company is the largest oil and natural gas producer in both Mississippi and Montana, owns the largest reserves of carbon dioxide (CO2) used for tertiary oil recovery east of the Mississippi River, and holds significant operating acreage in the Rocky Mountain and Gulf Coast regions. The Company's goal is to increase the value of acquired properties through a combination of exploitation, drilling and proven engineering extraction practices, with its most significant emphasis on CO2 tertiary recovery operations.

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Denbury Resources CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery & CO2 Storage 
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