The ISRM Suggested Methods for Rock Characterization, Testing and Monitoring: 2007–2014

The International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) is continuing to grow year by year.
At the time of writing in early 2014, the Society has more than 7,000 individual members
from 54 countries, together with close to 150 corporate members. Moreover, there has been a
continuously increasing ISRM membership over the last 10 years. Commensurate with these
statistics, there has been a corresponding increase in the Society’s activities—not least of
which has been the work of the Testing Methods Commission which produces the ISRM
Suggested Methods. These documents provide guidance to readers on characterisation,
testing and monitoring for a wide range of rock mechanics and rock engineering applications.
The ISRM Testing Methods Commission is led by Prof. Resat Ulusay. In order to produce
each Suggested Method, a Working Group is established with its own Chairman and
Members who have expertise in the particular subject being considered. The draft Suggested
Method thus generated is then subjected to rigorous review, a process which includes the
ISRM Board members. The Suggested Method is then published as an individual item: in
earlier years, this was in the International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences;
and, more recently, in the Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Journal.
In order to provide access to all the Suggested Methods in one volume, the ISRM Blue
Book was published in 2007 (by the ISRM via the Turkish National Group) and contains the
complete set of Suggested Methods from 1974 to 2006 inclusive. Since that time, and as a
result of the enthusiasm and dedicated work of Prof. Ulusay and his colleagues, many more
Suggested Methods have been generated—leading to this Orange Book, published by
Springer Science, which contains the ISRM Suggested Methods generated from 2007 to
2014, as well as some related articles.
It is with great pleasure and with gratitude to the industrious and pertinacious Prof.
Ulusay, together with everyone who has been involved in the production of the Suggested
Methods, that we introduce this ISRM Orange Book. We know that the contents will be of
great assistance to the rock mechanics and rock engineering community. Thus, we hope that
this Orange Book volume will be as successful as its Blue Book predecessor.

Published Date : Jul 29, 2020
Publisher : Springer
Page : 292
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