Foundations of Behavioral Health

Foundations of Behavioral Health is
dedicated to the memory of Dr. Kevin
Hennessy, who spent his career at the
SAMHSA working with a variety of federal,
state, and local stakeholders in the
behavioral health services field throughout
the United States.
Kevin helped conceptualize this textbook. We
have yet to meet a more knowledgeable,
friendly, energetic, and considerate person. He
was a gifted person simply because he was a
remarkable listener. He also possessed the
unique yet rare ability to synthesize a
comprehensive range of behavioral health
issues in light of the relevant research
literature. He knew the clinical (micro) aspects
of behavioral health services as a licensed
clinical psychologist, yet he was able to draw
the macro-implications for services research,
practice, and policy. Kevin was only 50 years
young when he suddenly passed away.
Even though Kevin possessed all of these
remarkable qualities, he was very humble,
devoted to his family, and passed through life
with amazing grace. Since our first telephone
conversation about developing a textbook on
behavioral health, we treasure the journey
we experienced with Kevin. He was, and
forever will remain, the most significant
behavioral health professional who provided
the scholarship and vision for Foundations of
Behavioral Health. His tremendous
guidance, energy, dedication, and innovative
initiatives will be sorely missed by his family,
colleagues, friends, and readers of this

Published Date : Jul 24, 2020
Publisher : Springer
Category : Health
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Foundations of Behavioral Health 

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