Multimedia Big Data Computing for IoT Applications

With an exponential increase in the provisioning of multimedia devices over the
Internet of Things (IoT), a significant amount of multimedia big data has been
generated from different devices located across the globe. Current proposals in the
literature mainly focus on scalar sensor data with less emphasis on the streaming
multimedia big data generated from different devices. This textbook examines the
unique nature and complexity of MMBD computing for IoT applications and
provides unique characteristics and applications divided into different chapters for
MMBD over IoT. A number of research challenges are associated with MMBD,
such as scalability, accessibility, reliability, heterogeneity, and quality-of-service
(QoS) requirements. This textbook is the first-ever “how-to” guide addressing one
of the most overlooked practical, methodological, and moral questions in any
nations’ journeys to handle the massive amount of multimedia big data being
generated from IoT devices’ interactions: For example, how to handle the complexity
of facilitating MMBD over IoT? How to organize the unstructured and
heterogeneous data? How to deal with cognition and understand complexity
associated with MMBD? How to address the real-time and quality-of-service
requirements for MMBD applications? How to ensure scalability and computing
The book is organized into four parts. Part I is focused on technological
development, which includes five chapters. Part II discussed the multimedia big
data analytics, which has five chapters. Part III illustrates the societal impact of
multimedia big data with well-structured four chapters. Finally, Part IV highlights
the application environments for multimedia big data analytics with four chapters.

Published Date : Jul 24, 2020
Publisher : Springer
Category : IT & Computer
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