1-Ayeyarwady Delta Region, February 2018

Myanmar and Asia United, Australia Left Behind Long Ago //
Land Seismic Techniques for High-Quality Data //
Challenges in Time & Depth: Imaging the Eastern Delta OBC Survey, a Case History //
Key Technology and Application of OBC Acquisition in Bohai Bay //
Integrating Seismic and Well Data into Highly Detailed Reservoir Model through AVA Geostatistical Inversion //
Using integrated gas chimney processing, seismic attribute, and seismic facie classification to delineate oil filled reservoirs: Case studies from the Oriente Basin, Ecuador //
Progradation forward modeling for reservoir prediction: A case study from BZ-A well field of Bohai Bay Basin, NE China //
Application of geostatistical seismic inversion in reservoir characterization of Igloo Field, Niger Delta, Nigeria //
Architectural characterization of a delta-front reservoir analogue combining Ground Penetrating Radar and Electrical Resistivity Tomography: Roda Sandstone (Lower Eocene, Graus-Tremp basin,Spain) //
The Challenges of Seismic Stratigraphic Model in the deep water potential breakthrough, Moattama Basin, Offshore Myanmar //
Evolution of Late Oligocene-Early Miocene attached and isolated carbonate platforms in volcanic ridge context (Maldive type), Yanada field, offshore Myanmar (2017) //
Provenances of possible turbidites and volcanoclastic sediments in the northern part of Narcondam-Barren Basin, Andaman Sea //
Fluvial Architecture of Reverse Directional Channels in the Irrawaddy Sandstone, Salin Basin, Central Myanmar //
Tidal influence on suspended sediment distribution and dispersal in the northern Andaman Sea and Gulf of Martaban (Mottama)

Published Date : Feb 04, 2019
Publisher : PTTEP
Category : Geoscience
Page : 15
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30 May 2018 
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1-Ayeyarwady Delta Region, February 2018 
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