8-Volcanic Basement Play, October 2018

An Integrated Workflow for Granitic Basement Reservoir Evaluation //
Evaluation of Volcanic Reservoir //
Volcanic Reservoir Characterization of Jatibarang Formation based on an integrated study of petrography, core, FMI and well log //
Common Refection Angel Migration for basement fracture identification- A case study //
Modern Sub-Basalt Seismic Imaging – Deepwater Realm Offshore Southwest India //
Improving fractured basement imaging through WAZ OBC acquisition //
Fractured Volcanic Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study in the deep Songliao Basin //
Seismic Curvature Attribute for Subtle Fault Detection in Tight volcanic Reservoirs from Barmer Basin, India //
Fractured Basement Reservoir Characterization for Fracture Distribution, Porosity and Permeability Prediction //
Petroleum Geology of Cuu Long Basin – Offshroe Vietnam //
Fractured Volcanic Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study in the Deep Songliao Basin //
Potential Development of Hydrocarbon in Basement Reservoir, Indonesia //
What is the Role of Volcanic Rocks in the Brazilian Pre-salt? //
Fractured Granite Reservoir Characteristics in Eastern Edge of Cuu Long Basin, Offshore Vietnam

Published Date : Feb 05, 2019
Publisher : PTTEP
Category : Geoscience
Page : 15
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2 October 2018 
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8-Volcanic Basement Play, October 2018 
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