Asia's energy trends and developments (in 2 volumes)

(INTRANET ACCESS ONLY!) With Asia, — especially China and India, — leading world energy consumption, Asian energy trends are now of global interest, with deep implications for the world economy and geopolitics. Understanding the issues often require real-life case scenarios.
This two-volume compilation presents the key topics on Asia's energy trends and developments that were presented at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore as part of its Energy Series Programme. A wide range of topics is covered, from nanotechnology, clean energy, hydropower, renewable energy and nuclear power to bilateral relations, energy security and energy efficiency — all with the unifying energy theme in the context of Asia. The nature of the issues is clearly illustrated in the case studies.

The chapters are authored by international experts and innovators in their respective fields, from academia, government and private sectors, providing their perspectives on the energy debate in Asia.

This compilation will provide the reader with insights into the overall trends and developments that have shaped and continue to influence energy policy, economic strategy and geopolitics in Asia. The case studies offer an especially useful reference point for experts and an understanding of the complex issues for laypersons.

Readership: Students, researchers and the general public who are interested to understand a wide range of energy issues and various aspects of sustainable energy.

Published Date : Jul 24, 2015
Publisher : World Scientific
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Page : vii, 581 p. : ill.
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Asia's energy trends and developments (in 2 volumes) 
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[edited by] Mark Hong, Asan Institute for Policy Studies, South Korea, Amy V.R. Lugg, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore 
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Singapore : World Scientific Publishing, 2013 
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vii, 581 p. : ill. 
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